This site contains pictures, descriptions & recipes for Linda Dick Chickens. This is a small buisiness supplying large traditional free range chickens in & around Edinburgh, Scotland. Endorsed byClarrissa Dickson Wright, Sue Lawrence, Gordon Ramsay, Nick Nairn



Press Cuttings


Linda Dick Chickens

    Over the years our chickens have been mentioned by a variety of top chefs and food writers, and most recently were chosen by Heston Blumenthol as one of the top five in the UK for his program on making the perfect roast chicken. Here are a few of those press cuttings and book excerpts.

    The first mention of our chickens in the press came from Clarissa Dickson Wright in her column in Scotland on Sunday as follows:
    "I have long despaired of finding really good chickens in Scotland. Thus I was delighted when Sandy Crombie produced a six-pound chicken raised by Linda Dick in Peebles, who keeps a few for her amusement. I could tell just from looking at it that it would be full of flavour. I expect that it was a Light Sussex, but whatever it was, it was stunning. The flesh was close on the bone so you could actually carve it properly"
    Clarissa also wrote:
    "There are a few producers who raise chicken properly, and the taste is fantastic. Earlier this year I cooked one of these for a BBC researcher who was amazed, and said sadly that in another generation no one would recognise it as chicken. There is to my mind only one person properly raising chicken for the table in Britain and that is Linda Dick in Peebles. Anyone else comes second , and most a long way back in the field"
    Clarissa Dickson Wright's book "Sunday Roast"

    Nick Nairn also recommends our chicken :
    "if you are lucky enough to find one, a bird from Linda Dick is the best you can get"
    From an article by Nick Nairn on chicken in the Sunday Herald
    He also wrote in his book "Nick Nairn New Scottish Cookery"
    "Linda Dick is synonymous with quality poultry in Scotland and you'll find her birds in a few select east coast stores, including Crombies."

    Sue Lawrence wrote the following in her book "Sue Lawrence's Scottish Kitchen"
    "We are fortunate to have some wonderful free-range chickens farmed in the Borders of Scotland. Linda Dick's chickens, in particular, are so good that whenever they are served at a dinner, everyone present wants to know where they can buy one. Her farm – Hamildean Farm near Peebles- has only about 50 birds at one time and they are the epitome of free-range. Killed aged between 12 and 14 weeks, the birds are dry plucked and hung for up to a week, which gives them the most superb, lingerinf flavour and firm texture."
    In BBC Good Food magazine Sue Lawrence wrote
    "Linda Dick produces the best chicken around. Traditionally free-range, they are killed between 12 and 17 weeks, by which time some weigh in at a mighty 4.5kg/10lb. They are then dry plucked and hung, which contributes to their sublime taste: firm, moist and packed with true old-fashioned flavour. She also sells duck eggs from her flock of 300 khaki Campbells that are left to graze (yes graze) on the hills of their Borders hill farm with the Blackface sheep."

    Gordon Ramsay also mentioned us in his column in the Daily Mail
    "Treat yourself to a proper free-range bird (organic even) with a fine flavour and succulent texture. Scottish food writer Sue Lawrence swears the best chickens in the UK come from Linda Dick's farm near Peebles. Truly happy birds she says."

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